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Create your vision. Get it across. Get it done.

- Bring your vision into consciousness.

- Develop your leadership

- Forge it into a global culture

"I would love for everyone to experience this feeling of knowing what is possible when you take time to line up personal vision with business objectives."

T.M.N., Founder in FMCG

What is Global Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs ?

Global Leadership Coaching for entrepreneurs is a vital and indispensable investment in your future company, whether you are an entrepreneur launching your first business, a serial entrepreneur working on a new venture or an intrapreneur seeking to innovate within your organisation. Global Entrepreneur Coaching helps you :


- Face complex challenges thanks to its global approach.

- Bring your vision into consciousness.

- Develop your leadership.

- Forge it into a global culture and strategy for your international business.


Through individual/team-coaching and consulting, we equip you with the vital tools needed to recruit and build innovating teams and scalable company cultures.


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"Since I started the business, automatically taking the reins of leadership in a CEO role, I worked so hard to become a CEO. I was chasing the idea of what a CEO should be like. Later, with some help, I realized that I did not need to become a CEO: in fact, the CEO was me. This was a simple, yet defining idea in my leadership. This realization was during my coaching program with Geo Coaching. The period of coaching has also witnessed a 75 % gain to the firm's assets under management in the past 12 months."

W.A.N., Founder in the Financial sector

Don't just take our word for it

“Geo Coaching's partnership creates a progressive balance between coaching, mentoring, informing and challenging that has helped me, and the team, create the right relationships with our board (allowing us to move key strategic initiatives forward in a much more comprehensive and effective manner), helped us with our own development as a team and how we work and communicate together and has helped me personally grow my leadership capability, credibility and results. Our work together has enabled me to be a more effective executive leader, creating a more proactive and flexible organization with one of, if not the best, teams I have worked with. I, my team and our board could not be more pleased with the relationship and the demonstrable results.”

N.A.G.N.A.G.General Director in the Energy sector

“Geo Coaching has helped me make the best business decisions that are aligned with my values and mission. Geo Coaching has not only been there to make my business strive but has helped bring out my own full potential along the way. I would love everyone to experience this feeling of knowing what is possible when you take time to line up personal vision with business objectives.”

T.M.N.T.M.N.CEO & Founder in the Food & Drink sector

“After years of being on the receiving end of generic leadership training in corporates, I was intrigued and somewhat suspicious to understand how coaching could help me in my own business. I'm so pleased I did! Geo Coaching has allowed me to evolve my business and strategy in a structured and logical manner. My coach asks the right questions and has a depth of insight that I have found invaluable. I have evolved my commercial strategy and marketing collateral with their guidance and this has proved immensely useful in allowing me to pivot my business and services in challenging market conditions.”

S.D.S.D.Founder and Managing Director in the Recruitment sector

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