Geo Coaching is an international coaching and consulting company serving Entrepreneurs, Founders and Executives globally. 

The challenge of growth and global expansion is one of the biggest roadblocks for every start up and SME. 

Geo Coaching has a mission to take companies and individuals to the next level in their business. We help you to define your vision, crystalise it and most importantly put your strategic goals and big dreams into action. 

We do this by developing your international competence in communication, change management, customer experience and employee engagement. 

Geo Coaching engages in partnerships around the world using a network of certified, high quality intercultural and executive coaches and consultants based in France and abroad.

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About the founder

Monica Loup

Monica Loup Owner and Managing director of Geo Coaching

My name is Monica Loup née Cornelis and I have worked in international training and development for more than 12 years at an international level. I hold a postgraduate degree in language and literature and I speak seven languages.

As a Global Executive Coach:
I provide guidance to collaborate and excel in an international environment
I foster intercultural intelligence and agility
I create and facilitate teams and leadership workshops
I help companies and startups to bring their vision into consciousness

At a more personal level, I do this for the pleasure of enterprise as well as out of commitment towards my clients and my peers for the greater goal of cultivating humanity.