About Geo Coaching

Geo Coaching offers training, seminars, individual- and team-coaching to managers and executives of international companies providing the intercultural and communication skills that businesspeople need to meet their objectives every day.

Geo Coaching enables them to communicate their message, make themselves understood and optimize their management performance at an international level.

Geo Coaching works with a network of certified, high quality intercultural and executive coaches based in France and abroad.

Our mission

This initiative was born out of the professional needs of my trainees on one side and the lack of an appropriate approach in seeing to them on the other. Under the current state of affairs, most companies focus on building intercultural skills on the one hand and international performance on the other, whereas, in fact, they are intricately linked, just like language and intercultural skills.

The objective of this enterprise is to take companies and individuals to the next level of international competence that shows the full potential of both national and international business and highlights the added value of each.

About the founder

Monica Loup

Monica Loup Owner and Managing director of Geo Coaching

My name is Monica Loup née Cornelis and I have worked as a Business communication consultant trainer for more than 12 years in France and in Russia. I hold a postgraduate degree in language and literature and I speak seven languages. My strong pedagogical expertise and cross-cultural skills enable business people to work and communicate effectively in an intercultural environment. This has been consolidated and expanded through my qualifications in cultural orientations frameworks and my certified training as a Global Executive Coach at HEC business school in Paris.

Training business people from all kinds of companies and at all levels, both groups and individuals, has provided me with a profound knowledge of the professional needs of most business people and their companies. I now commit to putting this knowledge on intercultural communication that I have established overtime as well as my executive coaching skills to the benefit of my clients.

At a more personal level, I do this for the pleasure of enterprise as well as out of commitment towards my trainees and coachees for the greater goal of cultivating humanity.